The world of the Khazars


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This volume, a product of international collaboration, presents readers with the state of the field in Khazar Studies. The Khazar Empire (ca. 650 — ca. 965-969), one of the largest states of medieval Eurasia, extended from the Middle Volga lands in the north to the Northern Caucasus and Crimea in the south and from the Ukrainians steppelands to the western borders of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the east. Turkic in origin, it played a key role in the history of the peoples of Rus', medieval Hungary and the Caucasus. Khazaria became one of the great trans-Eurasian trading terminals connecting the northern forest zones with Byzantium and the Arabian Caliphate. In the ninth century, the Khazars converted to Judaism. This book sheds new light on many unanswered, but fundamental questions regarding the Khazar Empire, so important in medieval Eurasia.


год выпуска 2007
автор Peter B. Golden, Haggai Ben-Shammai, András Róna-Tas
издательство Brill
страниц 459 шт.
язык английский


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